Eating the Best and Freshest

I started gardening five years ago. One year after buying my first house.  I had always wanted my own vegetable garden and was intent on purchasing a house with a yard I could garden in.  Every year was trial and error and as my knowledge of gardening grew, so did my bounty and my health.
I will be posting entries on my blog related to gardening. I will be sharing tips and tricks, successes and failures.  I absolutely love vegetable gardening. I fell in love with it after my first spring season of gardening.  I get the best, freshest fruits and vegetables possible. It travels a whole 20-30 feet from my yard to my kitchen.  I know exactly what went into my food and what didn't go into my food (chemicals and whatnots).  I have spent many hours outside cursing and loving Mother Nature. I've also bonded with my children out in that garden of ours.  We got off the couch, away from the electronics, and out in the dirt planting and harvesting.