I Love My Bike Lola

My cargo bike Lola changed my life and my ability to commute easily. 

I started commuting to work by bicycle in 2009.  I started off with a Trek hybrid (who I named King Louie) fitted with a Kangaroo child seat for my one year old.  As she grew, my bike set-up changed.  She outgrew the Kangaroo seat and I started transporting her around with a bike trailer pulled behind my bike.  It was easy, but inconvenient sometimes so I found a Tyke Toter that solved the problem for a little while.  My latest and greatest purchase was an Xtracycle Radish (who I named Lola).  It's a long-tail cargo bike that has solved all of my commuting problems.  My daughter, now five years old, sits on top of the long tail, I have tons of cargo carrying capacity and this bike is so smooth and easy to ride.  I've had this for eight months now and I still absolutely love and enjoy riding my bike.  A lot of folks don't understand why I love riding my bike so much (I do own a vehicle).  Here are a few reasons why:

  1.  I save money on gasoline, wear and tear and maintenance on my vehicle, and car insurance due to the low mileage I put on my car every year.
  2. My daughter loves getting around by bicycle.  She gets lots of attention from everyone and just truly enjoys the fresh air and freedom of the bike.
  3.  I get plenty of exercise.  It takes me a half hour to get to work on bike in the mornings, and then another half hour to get home.  I am killing two birds with one stone, getting to work and getting my workout.
  4. When I get to work I feel invigorated and ready to tackle my desk.  At the end of the day I am de-stressed by the time I get home. 
  5.  This choice of transportation is earth friendly.  I feel genuinely good about the low environmental impact I make every single time I choose my bike over my car.
  6. I meet a lot of people.  My lovely cargo bike sparks a lot of conversations with random people. I feel a stronger connection not only  the earth, but also to my community.
  7. I am saving money on my water bill at home since I take most of my showers at work when I get there.
  8. I get the best parking spaces everywhere I go.  I love locking my bike to parking meters in center city downtown or getting better parking than handicapped spaces.  I never have to worry about parking lot or parking meter fees.