Five Ways to Get Free Haircuts

Posted by Angela Diaz on April 16, 2016 at 2:20 PM

     They say there is more than one way to skin a cat (PETA don't send me hate-mail, it's just a saying).  There is also more than one way to get a free haircut.  I'll name a few and anyone can feel free to post any of your own ideas.  

1. Let your family cut your hair.  Look, for years and years I let my kids, yes, my kids, cut my hair.  Lucky for me I have curly hair so if the bottoms weren't even, it didn't matter a whole lot.  At first I sat on a chair with wet hair while they trimmed the ends with some hair scissors that I probably bought for less than ten bucks about 5 years ago.  As my hair grew, I had to stand up so they could trim it.  Next, I had to stand on a small step-stool, then I was standing on a chair to keep my hair eye-level and make cutting the ends easier.  While my coworkers were spending 20 bucks or more every other month getting their trim, I was getting mine done at home for free.  No appointments, no driving to the salon, no smelling gross chemical salony smells, no paying for the cut, no tipping the hair dresser.  WIN!!!

2. Barter for a free cut.  Do you have friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, or acquaintances that have barber or hairdressing skills? Maybe you can barter.  My friend went to beauty school and she'd be willing to trade a night of baby-sitting for a free haircut.  I had a male friend that owned his own clippers and so I cooked him dinner and helped him with errands in exchange for cutting my son's hair.  If you know of someone, it never hurts to ask.  Just make sure it's a good exchange. Don't offer to to knit them a sweater in exchange for a cut or anything crazy like that.  Make sure it's fair and doesn't take too much of your time. You could also barter items like offer to make them a home-made peach pie, or some jars of your home-canned spaghetti sauce. 

3. Cut your hair with the vacuum.  That sounds so funny even while I wrote it! LOL!  What I mean is there is a contraption that you can hook up to your home vacuum cleaner and it will cut your hair! Anyone who grew up in the eighties might remember the Flowbee.  You can still buy one of them!  You basically turn the vacuum on, put your hair in the contraption and once it gets to the cutting area, it cuts your hair and sucks the cut strands into your vacuum bag or container.  I've never tried this since I don't own a vacuum, but I'd seriously love to hear about anyone who has tried this! This sounds awesome. Free Haircut and No Mess to sweep up.  Win-Win!

4. Ask a salon or barber shop for a free cut.  Sounds crazy, but this goes along bartering.  See if there's some chores you can do to earn a hair cut.  A frugal friend of mine cleans the barber shop's windows inside and out every week and gets a free hair cut for it.  He makes sure he does a good job, does the job when he says he's going to do it, and is very professional about it. He doesn't show up in ripped up shorts and filthy shirts when he's working on those windows. He wants to make sure the barber shop feels good and comfortable with the transaction and that he's a welcoming person to the customers.  It's now been three years and his deal with this barber shop is still going strong. Even when he was deciding to grow his hair long, he still showed up and made sure those windows were squeaky clean.  

5. Donate your hair to Locks of Love.  I did this recently.  Every 7 years or so my hair is long enough to donate to Locks of Love.  I think you need at least 12 inches of unbleached, undyed, and unprocessed hair.  Find a salon in your area that participates in the Locks of Love program and offers free cuts for those that donate. The only time I get fancy layers in my hair is when I get that free hair cut.  The process is easy. Here's me before they cut:

First they braid your hair, putting a rubber band at the top and bottom of the braid. Then they simply cut the entire braid off: 

Then they cut your hair according to the style you want and that's it! They send off your lovely locks to the Locks of Love charity to be made into wigs for people who've lost their hair due to illness.  Free haircut and benefiting a charity. Win-Win!


     I'm sure there are more ways than this to get free haircuts and keep some money in your pocket.  I'd love to hear more ideas and what others are doing to reduce their beauty costs.  

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