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Posted by Angela Diaz on July 8, 2015 at 12:25 AM

     In an effort to declutter/simplify my life, I decided to address the horrid condition of my bathroom counter.  Loads of makeup products everywhere and all sorts of odds and ends that rarely get used, but always seem to find themselves back out on the counter.  I rarely have time in the morning for taking extra measures for primping myself anymore (even if I did have the extra time, I'd do something more productive with it like journaling).  I decided to see what I can do without and embrace my natural beauty. 

     One thing I've noticed in my effort to reduce the amount of beauty products I use is that no matter what, as long as my skin looks good, then I look good.  I looked at my skin care products and I had loads of them. Most of them I rarely used and some weren't even opened yet.  I had eye wrinkle serums, buffing cream, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, anti-aging products, etc.  I looked at all of these and threw out everything except two that I use on a daily basis.  I use Pond's cold cream cleanser and Pond's moisturizer.  I used to use other more expensive products, but when I started looking at ways to cut back, Pond's won the "expensive facial products replacement experiment".  I get a lot of product for the money (I think I spend maybe 10 bucks total on the cleanser AND moisturizer), it works very well (very soft and clear complexion), and it's easy to find (most major pharmacies, grocery stores, and big chain stores. 

     I've decided to do away with all make-up that won't fit into one small make-up bag.  I use the make-up bag that I made some time ago. It's about the size of my hand.  I kept a few things that I use on special occasions: a lip liner, eye liner, mascara, lip stick, one small eye shadow compact, blush, a small tube of foundation, and a few lip glosses.   My new morning make-up routine consists only of cleansing, moisturizing, and adding lip gloss.  On special days when I want to look extra special, I can bring out my small make-up bag and add a few extras to finish my look. 

     Simplifying my make-up routine made me think about simplifying my hair routine.  Now I have some really long, curly hair.  I hated fussing with it in the mornings. Sometimes it looked nice, sometimes it didn't. Some days the curls were beautifully pronounced, other days it was just frizzy.  I've decided to go with a classic, easy hair style that compliments my facial features and is a win-win every single morning. A bun.  I wear my hair in a bun almost every single day now.  It's very easy to brush my hair out, put it in a bun with a hair tie and a few bobby pins and go.  It's a classic looks that works with every outfit, no matter where I go.  Along with my simple make-up, the simple and classic hairstyle just seems to go together.  It's especially nice right now during the heat of summer. My hair is out of my face and off of my neck and back.  I also break out in pimples or hives a lot less from having my hair irritating my face and neck.  Some might ask, then why not cut my hair? My hair is my veil.  I love it and it means something to me. I like having the option of letting my hair out every once in a while. Cutting it is so final. 

     I'm glad I took a look at the waste and clutter that primping can create in my life.  My bathroom is cleaner, my purse is cleaner, my time is more open, my wallet is thanking me, I can feel good about myself and who I am without hiding behind a mask of make-up.  I actually think I look a lot better, kind of refreshed all the time.  It's very nice. 



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