Easy Delicious Deviled Eggs

Posted by Angela Diaz on April 12, 2014 at 6:30 PM

     I'm known for my deviled eggs. Everytime there is an office party or potluck, I bring the deviled eggs. Every family holiday get together, I bring deviled eggs.  It's my thing. I always bring these for two reasons: 1, they are very cheap and easy to make 2, you can't go wrong with deviled eggs! Everyone loves them. They are always a hit. Always!

     I'll be sharing my very easy recipe on how I make deviled eggs and if you're like me and buy dozens of eggs at a time in bulk (because you get a better price that way and eggs are so versatile and healthy), then you will always have most of the ingredients to make this and any party that pops up won't necessarily have you running to the store and spending money. (who wants to spend money anyway, ugh). So here it is:





     Boil the eggs. Peel. Cut them longways in half. Dump the hard yolks into a bowl or whatever. NOTE: Many years ago I got this deviled egg holder for less than five bucks.  I use it every time I make these and makes transporting them a breeze. Definitely worth the couple bucks.

     Now put some large spoonfulls of Mayonnaise in with the egg yolks and using a fork or hand mixer, mix it up. Keep adding Mayonnaise and mixing until you have the consistency and taste you want. I then use a plastic baggie or ziplock bag and put the mayo/yolk mixture into it. I snip the corner and use that device to squueze the mixture into the egg halves.

     Last step is to sprinkle paprika onto the eggs. All done! Now your dish is the talk of the party and you didn't spend much time or money on it!

     I just simplified your life and made you popular. You're welcome.

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