Smelling Supermarket Produce

Posted by Angela Diaz on March 30, 2014 at 9:55 PM

     I thought I'd drop a quick post to relate my most recent experience at the supermarket.  I was looking for a few items in the produce department to add to my stir-fry.  Not sure what prompted me to do this, but I began smelling the produce.  I grabbed all kinds of things, spinach, radishes, carrots, broccoli, etc.and guess what? None of them smelled like anything. No distinct scent at all. I didn't have allergies or a cold that day. My sinuses were clear. Why didn't I smell anything at all in the whole produce department?

     When I was picking my half-share box of vegetables during my lunch break and bringing them to my office, my whole office smelled of fresh earth and...well freshness.The vegetables were so strong and wonderful smelling. If there were a scented candle with that scent, I would buy it. It smelled like I just came in from my own garden with mud on my boots and just pulled up and picked wonderful deliciousness from my garden.

     I challenge anyone to walk around their large grocery store and take the sniff test. Are you finding anything that smells nice? Even the herbs didn't smell strongly.  I rubbed some leaves between my fingers and had to sniff hard to get a faint whiff of the herb. I mean, WOW.  I can't even express how I felt when I walked out of there. That experience made me more determined to give my garden my 100% this year. 

     I was going to plant winter veggies, but I think I'll give my garden a break after the fall harvest. I'll find a local horse farm and collect up a load or two of free manure and give my garden a special rest and manure treatment while I continue to support my local CSAs winter share.  The supermarkets are selling garbage they call "produce". Well, my days of purchasing that cardboard stand-in for real food is nearing its end.

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