Finally Finished With All the Apples!!

Posted by Angela Diaz on February 10, 2014 at 7:55 PM

     Okay I have the final numbers.  I bought three bushels of apples for $36 and this is what came out of it:

2 1/2 gallons plus 48 ounces of apple cider

19 pints of apple sauce

5 pints of apple slices

6 whole apples to pack in lunch

     I must admit, that was a whole heck of a lot of apples and apple processing! Would I ever do that again? You bet. It was so worth the cost.   My favorite apple cide made by a local farm costs $6/gallon (if you're lucky).  My apple cider was just as good (if not better).  I learned a lot with this experiment:

1. When I went to the orchard outlet, I was curious to find out how they still had amazingly fresh apples months after the harvest.  I asked an employee and they said they keep their apples in a very large refrigerator at 30 degrees.  In a normal household fridge, your eggs, milk, and just about everything would freeze at that temperature. Apples don't freeze until about 25 degrees so keeping them just above their freezing level preserves them for a long time. How cool is that!?

2. I learned how to make some pretty amazing applesauce that everyone seemed to love so canning them in half-pint jars was a bad idea. My first batch of applesauce was 12 half-pint jars.  By the end of the week they were all gone. Evidently, with apple sauce this good, a half-pint jar is a single serving size.

3. I learned how to operate a juicer and make apple cider. I also learned that it was just as good when it thawed out from its frozen state.  Sometimes the apple cider seemed too tart or too strong.  Adding some water until it tasted right was fine.

4. I found a new tasty apple I had never tried before. Cameo apples are comparable to my favorite apple, Honey Crisp.  Cameos are very crunchy and sweet.  Honey Crisps can be hard to find and expensive.  I will absolutely be purchasing a bushel of Cameos for fresh eating later.

5. I learned that if I plan to make more apple sauce and apple cider again in the future, it's wise to invest in a cranking apple peeler, corer, and slicer. I spent hours peeling, coring and slicing apples. It would have all been done in half an hour tops if I had the right equipment. I am so getting one of these before I do this again:

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