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Posted by Angela Diaz on November 27, 2013 at 7:05 AM

     Using the local library is a must if one wants to save money and still entertain oneself.  The libraries today have evolved so much to provide such a variety of services and entertainment outside of books.  Although, let's be honest, I absolutely love books and it remains my top reason for visiting the library.  I have access to thousands of books, magazines, movies, etc without having to buy anything at all!  I show my appreciation for the library by donating money every once in a while (in overdue fines, but still...). 

     This last Saturday I took the kids to the library to hang out for a few hours.  My son likes to go on the computers and  play games.  There is a play area that had Lego's out to play with for a few hours and that's what had my daughter busy the whole time.  This place had thousands of Lego's in big plastic bins and all the room you needed to build a large masterpiece.  This library also has movie night about twice a month.  They play family movies on a big screen and you can buy snacks there or bring your own.  We've watched Monsters, Inc,  Meet the Robinsons, The Lorax, Legend of the Guardians, etc.  It's always a good time and it's absolutely free.  Key word....FREE. 

      I go to the library outside of town.  I prefer this one because there are a lot more movies to choose from (doesn't have the inner city population to hog up all the movies) and it's less packed and more quiet.   The libraries in Lancaster County are all linked so I can go onto the website and if the book I'm looking for is not at my local library, I simply request it online from the library it's located, and they send it to my local library.  I then get an e-mail a day or two later saying that my item is there ready to be picked up!  I love this! When I come across a book title I'm interested in, I go to the library's website and do my little search thing and 99.99% of the time, I am able to get my hands on the book. Sorry Barnes and Nobles, I have a new love...

     Oh! Here's another service that's pretty neat.  If you have a Nook or other E-reader, you can borrow E-books from the library to load onto your device! Say what!? Yes indeedy.  That is so cool.  I had a Nook for a little while, and it's sooooo handy dandy, but I just love book pages and the smell of books.  Am I too geeky? It's okay. I'm cool with that.

     Seriously, I can't say enough about my local library system.  If you haven't visited your library in a while, go check it out. They have free wi-fi and all sorts of great stuff going on absolutely free.  If you have kids, you MUST go to the library.  Kids are expensive money eaters. This is one of the free things that we do that they love doing every single time. There's something for every one. Even those hard-to-please teens.  When my teens are bored out of their minds and join me and the young-uns at the library, they have a good time too.  One gets on the internet and the other finds recent fashion and teen magazines to browse through while sitting in front of an electric fireplace or in front of a ceiling-to wall window overlooking a beautiful scenic country.

     If you are not using your library's services, then shame on you.  I'll say it again SHAME ON YOU.  Our libraries need all the community support they can get to stay in operation.  How can one not support such a free and wonderful system?


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