Biking to Work in 20 Degree Weather

Posted by Angela Diaz on November 21, 2013 at 10:35 PM

     Just thought I'd share quickly what I looked like recently when it was about 20 degrees out in the morning.  Again, I had a merino wool top and bottom base layer, wool socks and leather boots, a sweater and my jean jacket, a scarf and my helmet.  What I added were my good quality ski mittens and my balaclava face cover.  I did not feel a bit of the cold.  At stop signs and red lights I would pull my mask down, pull of my mitttens and blow on my hands to cool them down.  Seriously, I'm not lying to you, I did not feel cold at all.  I'm not a nutcase riding my bike out there in this cold.  It still feels invigorating and refreshing and I actually do like riding at this time of year.  After work it's pretty dark out and I put on a high-visibility vest that I got free from my job.  It looks horrid, but at least the cars can see me.  That's what's most important. 

     I think what I like most about riding in winter is that the winter doesn't seem so long and dreary.  We never get fresh air or time outside and enjoy the few hours of sunlight we get.  I get to be outside and see the sun every morning.  I even get about fifteen minutes of day time on my commute home before it gets dark all of a sudden.  If I run errands during my lunch break that's more outside time.  Think about it. Every winter in the past the only time I spent outside was when I was scurrying from my car to the inside of a building or from the inside of a building to my car.  No wonder so many people get depressed. You feel like you never see the light of day. Especially if you work first shift. It's dark when you leave in the morning and dark when you get home.

     Also please notice that instead of a water bottle in the bottle cage I have a Contigo travel mug.  I have piping hot coffee in that.  Contigo makes a great product.  I got a two-pack of these travel mugs from Costco for 20 bucks and it was well worth it.  Even after biking in 20 degree weather for haf an hour, my coffee was still hot.  The mug is completely spill-proof.  I love this mug, but because I try not to have more than what I need, I sold the other mug of this two-piece set to my envious co-worker for ten bucks.  I was going to buy a special travel mug holder that attaches to my bike's handlebars for fifteen bucks, but because I don't like spending money if I don't have to, I thought of alternatives.  I simply tried to see if my travel mug fits into my water bottle cage. Yes it does. Problem solved!





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