Biking to Work in 35 Degree Weather

Posted by Angela Diaz on November 12, 2013 at 7:20 PM

     Here's a quick snapshot of what I looked like leaving for work in the morning. Even though it's quite cold out, I don't feel it a bit.  To keep warm, I wear layers and dress appropriately for the weather. Simple as that. Just use some common sense.  Yesterday I was wearing ear warmers under my helmet, a base layer of merino wool blend (top and bottom), jeans and a sweater, a thick scarf and leather gloves, a jean jacket and leather boots.  This is my typical dress for days when the temps are around the thirties.  Tomorrow the temps will be in the twenties.  I'll dress very similarly except I'll be wearing ski mittens and a balaclava (those ski masks that cover your whole face except your eyes). 

     I actually find riding in the fall and winter invigorating and refreshing.  It's pretty funny how folks thing I'm so bad-ass to brave the cold weather, but I honestly don't feel it too much.  At red lights I'm pulling off my gloves and blowing on my hands because I actually overheat in all those layers.  That's okay, I'm okay with folks thinking I'm a bad-ass.  I'll go with that. LOL. 


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