CSA Fall Share Week #2

Posted by Angela Diaz on November 12, 2013 at 7:05 PM

     I picked up my second Fall share today. Here's what I got:

Bunch of leeks


Bok Choy

White Radishes

Romanesco (delicious stuff, it tastes like brocolli with the texture of cauliflower. looks like crazy alien food, but it's amazing!)


Red Lettuce

Purple Carrots

     I took my share home and made some Teriyaki stir-fry over white rice.  I stir-fried beef strips and onions first till the meat was browned.  I chopped up the brocolli, radishes, carrots, and bok choy and threw it in there with a can of water chestnuts and stir-fried until the veggies were slightly cooked.  I then added a bottle of teriyaki sauce and cooked a few minutes more.  Stir-fry is always an easy way to use a bunch of veggies.

     I love getting things that I wouldn't normally try on my own.  This was my first experience with radishes.  My youngest daughter asked to try it when she saw me cutting them up into coins.  I gave her one and she came back for more.  She really likes these and we now have a healthy snack idea for her.  She finished her dinner and asked for the rest of the radishes to eat with Ranch Dressing. Who can say no to that?

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