Re-Purposed Bags for Freezer Bags

Posted by Angela Diaz on June 4, 2013 at 8:40 PM

I hate buying freezer bags. They are so expensive nowadays and can be wasteful. I rarely buy freezer bags because I re-use them all the time. I wash them out, dry them and keep using them until they fall apart. I also use milk bags as freezer and sandwich bags. What the heck are milk bags? Well, I get my milk from a dairy farm in my area and the milk comes in bags (more on that later). Obviously these bags are very sturdy and strong to hold a half gallon of milk without leaking, eh? I have a special pitcher that holds these half gallon bags and you cut the top corner to pour your milk (or juice or whatever). When the bag is empty, I cut the bag all the way across the top so that the whole top is open, I wash it out and use it as freezer bags and sandwich bags (using a twist tie to close it). Here is a picture of my milk in its pitcher and me using one of these bags to store my frozen strawberries. So yeah, this is a win/win situation. I am using freezer bags that are 100% recycled material, reducing waste by repurposing trash, and I'm saving money.



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