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Living Diaz is about living in a way that steps back a little from what society expects and doing what you think is best rather than just following along with the "norm".  I live in an urban setting and practice "Urban Homesteading" for lack of better words.  I am passionate about commuting by bicycle, sustainability, vegetable gardening, and re-purposing (finding new uses for things rather than throwing things out).  Born and raised in South East Pennsylvania, I love our land and do my best to be a good steward of this beautiful Earth God has created for us.  I hope that my blog will keep folks in the loop as to what I'm up to and I hope that my passions stir up some of your own and that my knowledge and tips will help you.


I work full-time, have four children ages seven through 20, one grandson, two dogs, and two guinea pigs. I have a 937-square foot home for my family with a small-ish yard.  I have been passionate about green living and adopting less modern methods of living little by little since 2008.

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